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Best Slow Rock Songs 1980S Extra Quality

Many classic slow rock songs are played on radio stations globally. Slow tempo songs with acoustic guitars intros have become exceedingly popular in the slow rock format. Guitar solos in slow rock songs are exceedingly popular with guitar music enthusiasts. Over the years slow rock songs have become a craze at prom parties. Young couple love swaying to the tunes of slow tempo rock at prom parties. Acoustic ballads and power ballads will always remain the centrifugal element of slow rock songs.

Best Slow Rock Songs 1980S

With such a rich list of power ballads and great love songs perfect for slow dancing, head-banging rock anthems and floor fillers like Thriller with ready-made dance routines, you can't go wrong with any of the below for your first dance song - the hardest part will be stopping your guests from joining in whilst you and your new spouse share your moment in the spotlight!

A slow rock song is a type of slow-tempo rock song, such as a rock ballads, acoustic rock ballads, power ballads, hard rock ballads, or rock love songs. Rock bands from a variety of genres began experimenting with sound in the late 1960s, contributing to the hard rock movement.

One of the best and most productive times for music was in the 1980s. Think about MTV, Walkman, the Mullet, and best of all, the 80s wedding songs. Every hopeless romantic and fun lover would love to throw some 80s songs into their wedding playlist. We love to see you rocking to the oldies but goldies. So peruse our list of the best 80s love songs for weddings, get on your dancing shoes, a few boxes of tissues, and party away!

Day-glo shirts, shinies, big hair, and scrunchies were some eccentricities from the 80s that make us nostalgic. But despite these, the best part of that Era was the songs. We saw stalwarts like Devo, Paul Simon, and Marvin Gaye getting to their peak. Other icons like Madonna, Micheal Jackson, and NWA came on the scene. It was a musical tsunami and the 80s songs were nothing without these trailblazers. For this category, we consider the top ten songs by their cultural relevance, audience reception and enjoyment, lasting impact, attraction, and the element of the song. Following these parameters, see the top 10 songs from the 1980s.

Couples who have great relationships with their parents would want to share a moment with them on their special day. It may be pre-planned or a surprise but expect a few tears. We feel like the 80s wedding songs for parents and their children are the best so far. The lyrics talked about the journey of parenthood, the joy of seeing their children take giant steps, a promise to always be there, and unconditional love. So for all times, here are wedding songs of the 80s for father-daughter and mother-son dances.

Check out our list below for some of the best songs in this genre for a memorial service or virtual funeral ceremony. And if you want more information about the other aspects of end-of-life planning, check out our post-loss checklist.

Classic rock and roll is the sub-genre with the most timeless songs on the list. Many of these instantly recognizable tunes are embedded in American culture and are featured in countless movies and sporting events. Many are obvious choices for funerals.

This could be the biggest blow-out victory in the history of the Rolling Stone Readers Poll. You really, really, really hate "We Built This City" by Starship. It crushed the competition. This isn't the first time this happened to this song. In 2004 Blender named this song the Most Awesomely Bad Song of All Time. Certainly, there's a lot to hate about the song. Jefferson Airplane was a pretty great rock band in the 1960s. They came back in the 1980s as this sleek, corporate band named Starship with some guy named Mickey Thomas as one of their singers. This wasn't their only huge hit. They also scored with "Sara" and "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now," from the soundtrack to Mannequin. To the Woodstock generation, their success in the 1980s just seemed like the final nail in the coffin of their youth. Bizarrely enough, Elton John lyricist Bernie Taupin is one of the co-writers of this song.

The dinner music portion of your afternoon or evening should include non-abrasive music that allows for good conversation and socializing among you and your wedding guests. Your Charleston Wedding DJ should adjust the volume of the music accordingly. Brides and grooms tend to go in numerous different directions when it comes to selecting music for this portion of the evening. Some couples go for a light country, or perhaps the tried and true jazz standards like Frank Sinatra or even Motown. Soft rock is a genre that maybe your parents listened to (chuckle), and maybe that's why these songs are often overlooked when selecting wedding music. Back in the 70s and throughout the 80s, there were numerous romantic songs written that are just perfect for dinner at your Charleston wedding at Lowndes Grove, Kiawah, or the Carriage House at Magnolia Plantation. If you are a fan of the 80s and songs that are a little on the softer side, you'll love this post.

"You're The Inspiration Chicago 1984This song was actually written by David Foster and originally the great Kenny Rogers was supposed to sing it, but when Peter Cetera and Chicago got a hold of it in 1984, they turned it into a mega hit, and it might be just perfect for a couple to do their first dance to as well. Released in the fall of 1984, the song would make it all the way to #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart." Faithfully" Journey 1983This song shows up very frequently on wedding playlists around Charleston and is a true gem from the early 1980s. Over the years, this has been one of the most requested songs behind "Don't Stop Believin". The song would peak at #12 on the Hot 100 in the summer of 1983. Journey was just inducted into the Rock & Roll Of Hame in 2017 for classics like this. Go ahead, jot this one down. You know you want to.

"I Guess That's Why They Called Them The Blues" Elton John 1983A light rock classic from Elton John that was released in Britain in April 1983 and climbed all the way to Number 4 in the United States. If you are a military couple, take a look at the video for this song and you'll see why you might want to add it into your dinner music playlist."Heaven" Bryan Adams 19851985 might have been the biggest in young Bryan Adams' career. It was the year that he released "Reckless", an album that featured "Summer of '69", "Run To You", "Somebody", "It's Only Love (featuring Tina Turner", and this lovely song for every couple who wants to feel as though they are in "Heaven" on their wedding day. "Heaven" would be the first number one song in what would become a highly successful musical career."Greatest Love Of All" Whitney Houston 1986An incredible ballad early in the career of the late Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston could do no wrong after 1985 with the release of her self-titled album. "Greatest Love Of All" would top the charts in America, Australia, and Canada. It is a bit long, but can be shortened for dinner or even a first dance. "Bette Davis Eyes" Kim Carnes 1981An amazing track by the lovely voice of Kim Carnes that spent 9 weeks at the top of the charts in 1981 and would sound excellent on your playlist out at Pepper Plantation, Lowndes Grove or Magnolia Plantation. "Hungry Eyes" Eric Carmen 1987Eric Carmen made a brief comeback in the 80s right around the time of Dirty Dancing hitting the movie theaters. This would be an excellent addition to any dinner music playlist where you might steal a kiss from your significant other. Released in November of 1987, "Hungry Eyes" would go to hit #4 on the Hot 100, and #2 on the Adult Contemporary charts."The Lady In Red" Chris Deburgh 1986An incredibly beautiful song that has certainly been used for a first dance song, but even more often for the dinner music hour. For that one or two women at your wwedding who may wear that red dress to your wedding. Released in the summer of 1986, "The Lady In Red" would top the UK single charts, and the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. "A Groovy Kind Of Love" Phil Collins 1988Phil Collins covers this 60s classic by the Mindbenders perfectly and the texture will go very nicely with your other dinner music selections. Released in the late summer of 1988, Phil Collins would score another #1 song on the Hot 100, as well as the adult contemporary chart with this cover song."I Don't Want To Live Without You" Foreigner 1987Foreigner morphed into a more soft rock band in the mid to late 80s with some like songs like this after their hard rocking 1970s debut. Even with the success of other 80s soft rock songs, this song would be their only Number 1 song on the adult contemporary chart in May 1988.

"Alone" Heart 1987This could be put into the 80s power ballad category (I am going to save that list for a future blog entry). Released in the mid 1980s during a resurgence from their hard-rocking 70s, Ann Wilson's voice still gives me goose bumps on this one. It reached Number 1 in the summer of 1987."Have I Told You Lately" Van Morrison 1989In my opinion, this is one of the greatest love songs ever written. Later covered by Rod Stewart, Van Morrison knocks it out of the park with this classic from 1989. You can find this song on the album "Avalon Sunset". It would top the Adult contemporary charts in the fall of 1989."Penny Lover" Lionel Richie 1984 A beautiful ballad from the great Lionel Richie is a great addition to any dinner playlist! "Penny Lover" was the final song to be released from Lionel's album "Can't Slow Down". It's the same album with "All Night Long" on it. By December of 1984, the song would break into the Top 10 on the Hot 100 for a few weeks."Suddenly" Billy Ocean 1985Billy Ocean wrote some great love songs in the 80s and this was a mammoth hit for him. It'd be perfect for your special day. This title cut from the 1984 album was released in May 1985 and would hit #4 on the Hot 100 that summer."Wind Beneath My Wings" Bette Midler 1989From the movie "Beaches", you know that movie that you and your mom probably cried to as you were growing up? Yep, this is a true soft rock classic from the 80s and could also be used for the Mother / Son Dance. The song was released in the early part of 1989 and would reach the top of the charts by June 1989."Broken Wings" Mr. Mister 1985 A monster classic from 1985 that still sounds so fresh in 2017. Released in the September of 1985, the song would make it all the way to Number 1 right around Christmas 1985."Everytime You Go Away" Paul Young 1985Another great love song from 1985. Hlal & Oates originally recorded this song in 1980, but did not release the song. Paul Young's version would hit Number 1 on the Hot 100 in July 1985."Smooth Operator" Sade 1984Sade pops up all over the place when it comes to weddings. Her voice is perfect for any wedding playlist, including yours when you get ready to eat dinner at your reception at the William Aiken House in downtown Charleston. Released in September of 1984, the song was the third to hit radio and become a Top 5 song on the Hot 100.Attention 80s Soft Rock Lovers! Can't Get Enough Of Your Favorite 80s Soft Rock Songs? You've just reached the end of one of my most popular posts EVER. People from all over the world have viewed this post thousands of times. Interested in checking out the sequel post I did for more great soft rock music from the 80s? Click the image down below. 041b061a72


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