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[S4E19] The Wheels Of Justice

Detective Munch was the lead investigator in the Law & Order: SVU episode "Remorse" where he was investigating the rape of a famous television journalist. Jennifer Esposito guest starred as the victim, Sarah, who discusses the assault on TV. After Munch finds one of the rapists, he refuses to back down until both criminals are brought to justice. However, Much ends up shaken to the core when someone kills Sarah via a bomb in her apartment. When someone then kills one of the rapists with a bomb as well, it turns out that the murders have nothing to do with the rape, making this one of the more nihilistic and saddest SVU episodes.

[S4E19] The Wheels of Justice

"Uncle" was a season 8 episode that gave fans more insight into Munch's family, and it was one of the saddest SVU episodes. The squad investigates the rape and murder of a mother and daughter and a homeless man becomes their main suspect. However, the homeless man turns out to be Munch's uncle, Andrew (Jerry Lewis). Andrew had a mental breakdown when he arrived in New York months prior, leaving him homeless and unaware of who he is. As Andrew is no longer a suspect, the squad begins to focus on someone else, but they have insufficient evidence to convict. Fans felt remorse as Munch's uncle takes justice into his own hands and goes too far. Realizing his grave mistake, Andrew instead takes the option to go to a psychiatric hospital to seek treatment for his illness. Fans felt sad for Munch and his predicament.

"Honor" had a brutal and heartwrenching storyline that was hard to stomach without tearing up. A young woman is found beaten, stabbed, and raped in the park. The squad learns the young woman was a journalism student and the daughter of an Afghan diplomat. The case gets more complex as the squad uncovers that her father disapproved of her turning her back on tradition and having a boyfriend. Audiences were heartbroken to learn that the victim's own brother murdered her in an honor killing. At the end of the episode, the squad finds the victim's mother murdered for helping seek justice for her daughter. 041b061a72


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