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Khalid Swift

[S1E8] Curb Your Dragon UPDATED

Though it's a happy occasion, Viserys says his heart is filled with sorrow. The king takes off the gold mask that had obscured the left part of his face to reveal an empty eye socket."I wish you to see me as I am," he says. "Not just a king, but your father, your brother, your husband, your grandsire, who may not, it seems, walk for much longer among you. Let us no longer hold ill feelings in our hearts. The crown cannot stand strong if the house of the dragon remains divided. Set aside your grievances, if not for the sake of the crown then for the sake of this old man, who loves you all so dearly."

[S1E8] Curb Your Dragon

While many dragon dreamers took their dreams as signs of their glory and forged paths to make them come true, others ran from their visions as in the case of Daeron Targaryen, the eldest son of King Maekar I. He is remembered now as Daeron the Drunken because he was plagued by prophetic dreams, so he used alcohol to curb their effects. 041b061a72


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