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Baby Luv Game Crack Sites ((TOP))

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baby luv game crack sites

Baby Luv lets you experience a baby's first years in a simulated home where you will take care of and raise your baby. You will have to perform all the usual tasks associated with caring for a baby along with purchasing toys, food, diapers and everything else that a baby needs. The game is definitely geared towards young girls but any youngster could enjoy this game if they like simple people simulation games.

You start out the game by creating your baby. You chose things like hair and eye color, your baby's name and even the gender. Once you have created your baby you can begin taking care of it. There are five different activities that you need to take care of your baby: feed, wash, change diapers, play and sleep. Everything is controlled by mouse movement and clicking. Feeding is accomplished by maneuvering the bottle or spoon in front of the babies mouth and clicking. You start with only milk available to feed your baby, but unlock more variety as the game progresses.

Playing with your baby is the most interactive feature of this game and is where all the minigames are. You can complete puzzles, play match two memory games and even repeat the pattern on the xylophone. To keep your baby happy you will need to keep up on all of the categories. At the bottom of the screen are meters next to the associated need. When the meters get low then it is time to perform that task. If the meter gets all the way to the bottom then your baby will begin to cry inconsolably until you meet the needs of your baby.

The store allows you to buy clothes, food, toys and other miscellaneous goods for your baby. At first a minimal amount of items are available, but more and more items unlock as your baby grows and you complete more of the minigames. Money for the upgrades is earned by performing tasks for your baby; the largest amount of money comes from playing with the baby.

The graphics and sound are perfectly matched to this game. The environments are all 3D and very cartoony. There are different rooms in your house that you will go to to perform the various tasks necessary. As your baby begins to crawl and walk you will see even more of these areas. There is background music that changes with the situation and your baby's mood. The baby also makes a lot of noise to let you know how it feels.

You may have played the incredibly inappropriate game Cards Against Humanity and Last Minute Party Games has an inappropriate baby shower game based on that! This looks like one of the funniest printable baby shower games I have ever seen!

Get the daddy to be ready to change all those diapers with this Diaper Daddy game! Each pair uses crepe paper to create a diaper for their partner. This would be a hilarious coed baby shower game and definitely errs on the side of inappropriate!


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