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Angry Birds Star Wars II V1.2.1 (2014) With Key

Angry Birds Star Wars is a puzzle video game with similar gameplay to that from previous Angry Birds games. In the game, the player takes control of a limited group of birds, who can be launched anywhere by the use of a slingshot. All levels have a series of enemies the player must take down by the use of their characters. These enemies normally appear sheltered inside of structures made of wood, glass, and/or metal, in addition of some additional objects, such as chains and TNT. If the player fails to kill all the enemies in the levels, they will get a Level Failed screen, encouraging them to try again. If they manage to do so however, they will win and pass to the next level. Upon completing each level, the player will receive one, two, or three stars depending on the score received.

Angry Birds Star Wars II v1.2.1 (2014) With Key

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After escaping an Imperial attack on their safe house, Ezra's former home, Zeb and his companions infiltrated the Imperial Headquarters in Lothal's Capital City. While Kanan and Ezra impersonated a stormtrooper and Imperial cadet, Zeb and the other crew hid in the crates that the former were delivering. The Spectres then encountered Darth Vader at the Imperial headquarters' starport. Following a fierce confrontation, the rebels escaped Lothal with the help of their old friend Lando Calrissian. Following the events on Lothal, the rebels reached a consensus that they could not return to the planet in order to avoid endangering its inhabitants. Unknown to the Spectres, Darth Vader had placed a tracking device on their shuttle with the intention of "killing two birds with one stone" by eliminating both the Spectres and the Phoenix rebel fleet. Zeb and his rebel comrades escaped Darth Vader's assault on the Phoenix Fleet. However, the Phoenix rebels lost their flagship Phoenix Home, which was heavily damaged by Vader's TIE Advanced x1 starfighter.[28]

The rebels' problems were further compounded when Agent Kallus arrived with an Arquitens-class command cruiser. When Chava identified Kallus as the "warrior" from the prophecy, Zeb was initially dismissive of that idea due to his hatred for the man who had played a role in Lasan's destruction. When Chava then explained that everyone could fulfill the three roles of warrior, fool, and child over time, Zeb realized that he had to forge his own destiny and that of the Lasat. Taking a leap of faith, Zeb used the power generated by his bo-rifle to guide the Ghost into the cluster and find Lira San. The Ghost entered the cluster but was miraculously unharmed by its gravitational pull. The Ghost's hyperdrive then automatically jumped into the middle of the star cluster. Meanwhile, Agent Kallus was forced to retreat after losing two TIE fighters and sustaining damage to his warship from the star cluster's gravitational pull.[10]


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