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Boys Over Flowers

It is often regarded as a pioneer in Korean high school series, as well as to have helped the proliferation of the "Korean Wave". The series earned high viewership ratings in South Korea, and became a cultural phenomenon throughout Asia.[3][4] Lee Min-ho's role as the leader of F4 completely contrasted his role in Mackerel Run, which earned him overseas popularity.[5]

Boys over Flowers


Immediately, Jan-di dislikes her wealthy classmates and is disgusted by their obsession with the F4 boys. Irked by her strong-headed nature, Jun-pyo singles out Jan-di to bully, but she refuses to cower and stands up to him, even kicking him in the face. She is the first person to stand up to him and dislike him, which begins to intrigue him. Bored and lonely, he starts to play silly tricks on her and eventually begins to fall for her. Jun-pyo continues to encourage the students, led by a mean group of girls, to bully and torture Jan-di. She gets attacked with eggs and flour by the bullies. F4 member, Ji-hu gives her his handkerchief to help clean her up, showing his compassionate side. He saves her from being attacked by a group of boys after school. As a result of his kind actions, Jan-di starts to develop feelings for Ji-hu but soon discovers that Ji-hu fosters a one-sided love for Min Seo-hyun, a successful celebrity, model and lawyer-in-training and his childhood friend. The bullying continues as Jun-pyo drags Jan-di to a school dance. The mean girls trick Jan-di into thinking the event is a costume party, so she wears a Wonder Woman outfit. They cause her to fall into the food table, covering her in wet food. Ji-hu and Seo-hyun rescue her from the humiliation, and Seo-hyun gives her a makeover. The belle of the ball, she dances with Ji-hu, making Jun-pyo jealous.

Seo-hyun befriends Jan-di and leaves for Paris to pursue her own career. Seeing how unhappy Ji-hu is, Jan-di convinces him to follow Seo-hyun. After Ji-hu leaves the country to pursue a relationship with Seo-hyun, Jan-di begins to grudgingly spend more time with Jun-pyo. He bullies her into a date, which she initially planned on skipping. Out of guilt for making Jun-pyo wait for her many hours in the snow, she agrees to spend time sightseeing and getting coffee with him, but they end up getting locked in the skylift overnight. Jun-pyo writes a message on the wall commemorating his "first night" with Jan-di, which she sees later and thinks is sweet. Later, Jun-pyo declares to the school that she is his girlfriend. By this time, he has grown on Jan-di. Although she thinks he can be overbearing, she realizes that he is actually sweet and acts out because of his lonely childhood.

After Jun-pyo's father falls ill, his mother forces him to begin training to lead the Shinhwa Group. He leaves the city, turns cold toward his friends and Jan-di, and begins to accompany his mother to formal events. After six months, Jan-di and F4 pursue him and try to convince him to break free; however he turns them away. Plotting to keep the distance between her son and Jan-di, Chairwoman Kang arranges Jun-pyo's engagement to the heiress Ha Jae-kyung. Jan-di approaches Jun-hee, Jun-pyo's loving older sister, for finding work, and she becomes Jun-pyo's personal maid. It is evident that both Jun-pyo and Jan-di still love each other. Even though Jae-kyung falls in love with Jun-pyo and tries to win him over, she soon realizes that her efforts are in vain, and during their wedding, she refuses to marry Jun-pyo. Jae-kyung states that she will feel guilty that she was standing in the way of a relationship that was meant to be.

Elle Magazine ranked Boys Over Flowers #6 (out of 10) on the October 2020 10 Best K-Dramas To Binge-Watch On Netflix list.[10] Boys Over Flowers attracted high viewership ratings and buzz throughout South Korea during its broadcast in 2009.[11] The cast members became household names and shot to stardom overnight, and after the series ended, several of them became the faces of various endorsements and advertisements. The show is credited with launching the career of its lead actor, Lee Min-ho, who had previously appeared in a small number of low-budget high school dramas.[12]

During its broadcast, the series influenced South Korean men to take their appearances more seriously to copy the metrosexual or "pretty boy image" (kkotminam, lit. "men as beautiful as flowers") of the F4 characters in the drama. This led to an increase in South Korean males wearing cosmetics, preppy and cruise outfits, and clothing in traditionally more feminine styles like the color pink and floral prints.[13] The drama's local filming locations became tourist attractions, such as the Damyang Dynasty Country Club in South Jeolla Province; Ragung Hanok Hotel in Silla Millennium Park in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province; Hilton Namhae Gold & Spa Resort in South Gyeongsang Province; Grand Hyatt Seoul ice rink; Lotte Hotel World's Emerald Room; Farmer's Table in Heyri; and Yangpyeong English Village. The overseas locations featured such as New Caledonia and Macau also became sought-after holiday destinations.[14][15]

Boys Over Flowers (Japanese: 花より男子だんご, Hepburn: Hana yori Dango) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoko Kamio. It takes place in the fictional "Eitoku Academy" (an elite school for children from rich families). It tells the story of Tsukushi Makino, a girl from a middle-class family, whose mother enrolls her in an elite high school to compete with the families from her husband's company. While at Eitoku, she encounters the F4, a gang of four boys who are children of Japan's wealthiest families and who bully anyone that gets in their way.

In 1996, Boys Over Flowers won the 41st Shogakukan Manga Award for the shōjo category. As of February 2015, the series had over 61 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series of all time and the best-selling shōjo manga of all time. The series enjoys immense popularity in the Eastern Asia region.

The other two members of the F4 are Akira Mimasaka, the laid-back peacemaker of the group, and Sojirou Nishikado, an unrepentant playboy. They both usually have at least one girlfriend at any one time; Akira prefers older women because the women of his household (his mother and two younger sisters) are quite childish. Sojirou is happy to be in casual relationships with many women, although we later discover that at one time he was in love with a childhood friend. Over time, Tsukushi's feelings towards Tsukasa evolve, as she begins to appreciate the degree of change that occurred in Tsukasa once he fell in love with her. However, because of the difference in social class, Tsukushi and Tsukasa's relationship is blocked by Tsukasa's mother, Kaede but supported by his elder sister, Tsubaki, who becomes friends with Tsukushi.

Boys Over Flowers won the 41st Shogakukan Manga Award for the shōjo category in 1996.[21] As of February 2015, the series had over 61 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series of all time and the best-selling shōjo manga of all time.[22][23] On TV Asahi's Manga Sōsenkyo 2021 poll, in which 150.000 people voted for their top 100 manga series, Boys Over Flowers ranked 70th.[24]

F4 (Flower Four) or JVKV was a Taiwanese boy band consisting of cast members of the 2001 Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden: Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Vic Chou. It formed in 2001 after the Meteor Garden series ended. They released three albums, Meteor Rain (2001), Fantasy 4ever (2002), and Waiting for You (2007). According to Forbes, F4 has sold 3.5 million copies of their first two albums all over Asia as of July 2003.[25] In 2007, due to copyright issues, the group changed its name to JVKV, using the initials of its members in descending order their ages.[26]

Tsukushi Makino is accepted into the prestigious, Eitoku Academy. Life changes dramatically for Tsukushi when her friend falls on Tsukasa Domyoji. Tsukasa is the explosive leader of the "F4," a group of the most powerful, rich and handsome boys. Domyoji refuses to accept Makiko's apology and Tsukushi steps in to protect her friend. A red tag appears in the Tsukushi's locker the next morning which is a sign from the F4 that she is to be bullied by the school. Tskushi continues to stand up to her oppressors.

A wide variety of cultural products have been adapted into a brand new text in the process of globalization. The three adaptations of the Japanese cartoon, Boys over Flower, in the following countries: Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have very similar storylines. The three storylines, although similar, have several modifications due to the differing audiences and goals of each series. Based on the idea of globalization; fidelity in the adaptation can be understood as emphasizing the shared values and community spirit between cultures while modifications can be interpreted as organizational gatekeeping. This study analyzes how the narratives in the three adapted texts show fidelity and modification. In conclusion, fidelity could be interpreted as presenting the glocalized cultural values or socio-cultural popular memory in the Asian context while modification could be considered as being reflective of a wide variety of different socio-cultural contexts where the series were created

Parents need to know that Boys Over Flowers is a Korean soap opera that has valuable lessons about the abuse of privilege and power. In classic soap opera fashion, many elements in the series can be over the top. Characters' behavior includes bullying and gossiping. High school students are often beaten until bloody, and characters are drugged and kidnapped. The show is ultimately a romance, but the forceful elements of the relationship may send mixed messages to younger viewers.

The story is plain and simple and it is a concept that can go either way - either you do a great job out of it or you create a bad product and we are glad to say, Boys Over Flowers falls in the former category. Everything was done well - the locations, clothes, grandeur, romance, innocence, drama, OST, casting everything fit like a perfect piece of a puzzle. the treatment was nice and refreshing and something you can watch over and over again. 041b061a72


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