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The eobd facile app is very easy to use. The software is up to date. And it comes with an intuitive interface. That is easy to learn, and it helps to understand the various problems with the car. Not to mention, you can also get all the vital information without any hassle.

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There are many benefits to be had from the app. The first and foremost is that it does not require much memory. EOBD Facile reports codes by class, and the number of lines. The app uses this data to provide information quickly and easily.

  • Any contact will be 24/7 available on our technical services. Free telephone: Whatsapp: +39.0576330700


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Each application that uses EOBD requires an API key. We are on the next step of preparing the version of EOBD Facile for your android devices. In order to register EOBD Facile, you can use the list of devices that is provided.

To install the EOBD Facile, you first need to connect the application with the smartphone. Then you need to know the car information that you want to check up. If the car has been registered, you will be able to check the car data easily. The application can be used through the default vehicle interface.

A car is the only means of communication or transport. It helps to keep connected with family and friends. However, not all cars work in the same way. EOBD Facile is used to make sure you do not run into problems when using the car. It assists you in diagnosing the problems.

The user will be of the best help in the car, by checking and clearing all codes in the vehicle. No codes are detected by EOBD Facile Apk. For the user there are many features. The user is a simple installation procedure is not. Also, the user will not need to download and install any other. The code you want to check, just enter the vehicle, and the software will start working in a second.


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