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Khalid Swift
Khalid Swift

Agatha And The Curse Of Ishtar

We were in Ur, southern Iraq in 1928 where a team of British archaeologists led by Leonard Woolley (Jack Deam) and his assistants Max (Jonah Hauer-King) and Pearl (Crystal Clarke) were uncovering a site in the desert, which contained an abundance of ancient Babylonian artefacts, including a tablet with the curse of Ishtar etched on it. Enter Agatha Christie (Lyndsey Marshal), recently divorced and lonely, and looking for inspiration as she started to write romances, having decided to move away from the detective novels that brought her fame and fortune.

Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar

When Max regains consciousness he explains that, after entering the lower levels of the dig, he found a colleague holding a stone tablet in his hand with the curse of Ishtar carved on the surface. The man unexpectedly dies and the tablet slips from his grasp. 041b061a72


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