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What is a Promise Ring?

Promise ring: meaning design, meaning and uses

There is rings for every occasion. A promise ring is an excellent way to mark your relationship even if you're not yet ready to get married. Here's what you need to know:

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is an exclusive ring that is given by one person to another in the course of a relationship. It's a promise to take seriously each other. A promise ring is likely to be less flashy and simple than an engagement rings.

The history of the promise ring

Some people believe that promise rings are a new trend however, they go back to the beginning of Rome. Some couples were wearing "engagement rings" made of basic iron.

From the 15th century until the 17th century rings similar to those used in a variety of regions of Europe. These rings (called "flower rings") were usually engraved with in love poems of a short length.

Some people prefer more extravagant "acrostic rings" in which the first letter of each gemstone spells the word "dear. For instance If you wanted to spell out the word "dear," then you will require an emerald in the first place followed by an amethyst, and finally a ruby.

You may be wondering why promise rings have become so popular in recent years. Celebrities are the main reason for this.

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and others were wearing rings of promise prior to their wedding.

Promise Ring Meaning

What is a Promise Ring? A promise ring indicates that the person who gives it is committed to the relationship. If the ring is embraced by the person receiving it, this indicates that they are feeling a sense of devotion.

A promise ring is a symbol of your commitment to one another.

Many people see the promise ring as an engagement ring that is pre-planned. It's not always intended to be that way. A promise ring could be an indication of commitment and an official relationship.

It's a more intimate relationship than a casual date, but it's not yet an engagement or marriage.

Many believe that a man should present women a ring to promise. Some couples wear their promise rings in different ways.

What do you think it looks like?

There are no set rules for the design of a promise ring. Some couples opt for designs with interwoven wires to symbolize of unity. Some couples opt for birthstones or a mosaic comprised of various types.

Rings with heart-shaped designs love-knots, infinity symbolisms, love-knots and fingerprints are all popular designs. Claddagh rings are very popular as are wedding bands, eternity bracelets, and basic diamond jewellery.

A promise ring is typically designed to be less flashy and more delicate than an engagement ring. If a promise ring contains diamonds, or diamond alternatives, they are typically smaller than the diamonds on the engagement ring.


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