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Yume 2kki RPG Download: A Simple and Easy Way to Play the Game

Yume 2kki RPG Download: How to Play the Fan-Made Sequel to Yume Nikki

If you are a fan of horror games, you might have heard of Yume Nikki, a cult classic RPG Maker game that was released in 2004 by a mysterious developer named Kikiyama. In this game, you play as a girl named Madotsuki who explores her dreams every time she goes to sleep. The dreams are full of bizarre and surreal imagery, ranging from beautiful to disturbing. The game has no dialogue or plot, only exploration and atmosphere.

But did you know that there is a fan-made sequel to Yume Nikki that is even bigger and more diverse than the original? It's called Yume 2kki, which means "Dream Diary" in Japanese. Yume 2kki is a collaborative project by various fans of Yume Nikki, who created their own dream worlds and characters for the game. The game was first released in 2007 and has been updated regularly ever since, adding new content and features.

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In this article, we will show you how to download and play Yume 2kki, as well as give you some tips and tricks for enjoying this amazing fan game. If you are ready to dive into the world of dreams, read on!

Step 1: Download the game itself

The first and most obvious step is getting the game itself. You can do that . Choose whichever version you like, but we recommend getting the latest one for the best experience. After downloading the file, unzip it in your downloads folder or any other location you prefer.

Yume 2kki is an RPG Maker 2000 game, which means it was made with a software that was popular in Japan in the early 2000s. However, this also means that it might not run properly on modern computers, especially if they have a different language setting than Japanese. That's why you need another program to help you run Yume 2kki smoothly.

Step 2: Download EasyRPG

EasyRPG is a free and open source program that allows you to play RPG Maker games without any compatibility issues. It can also translate some of the Japanese text into English, which is helpful for understanding some of the menus and options in Yume 2kki.

You can download EasyRPG from . Choose the version that matches your operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.) and download it. Then, unzip it in your downloads folder or any other location you prefer.

Step 3: Getting it to play

Now that you have both Yume 2kki and EasyRPG, you need to make them work together. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Go into the Yume 2kki folder and delete the file called "rpg_rt.exe". This is the original executable file that runs the game, but you don't need it anymore.

  • Go into the EasyRPG folder and copy the file called "EasyRPG_Player.exe". This is the executable file that runs EasyRPG.

  • Paste the "EasyRPG_Player.exe" file into the Yume 2kki folder, where you deleted the "rpg_rt.exe" file.

  • Rename the "EasyRPG_Player.exe" file to "rpg_rt.exe". This will trick the game into thinking that it is running with the original RPG Maker 2000 engine, but it is actually running with EasyRPG.

That's it! You have successfully installed Yume 2kki and EasyRPG on your computer. Now you can double-click on the "rpg_rt.exe" file in the Yume 2kki folder and start playing the game.

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Step 4: Playing the game itself

Yume 2kki is a game that is all about exploration and discovery. There is no clear goal or objective, only a vast and varied dream world to explore. You play as a girl named Urotsuki, who lives in a small apartment and spends most of her time sleeping. When she sleeps, she enters her dream world, where she can find different doors that lead to different worlds. Each world has its own theme, style, and atmosphere, and some of them are connected to other worlds through various passages and portals.

To start the game, you need to go to Urotsuki's bed and press Z. This will make her fall asleep and enter her dream world. You will see a room with four doors, each leading to a different world. You can choose any door you like and start exploring. You can also go back to this room anytime by pressing 9 on your keyboard. This will make Urotsuki wake up and return to her apartment. You can also save your game by using the computer in her apartment.

As you explore the dream worlds, you will encounter many strange and interesting things. Some of them are friendly, some of them are hostile, and some of them are just weird. You can interact with some of them by pressing Z, but not all of them will respond. You can also collect different items called Effects, which can change Urotsuki's appearance and abilities. For example, there is an Effect that turns Urotsuki into a cat, which allows her to move faster and access some areas that are otherwise inaccessible. There are over 100 Effects in the game, and finding them all is one of the main challenges of Yume 2kki.

Tips and Tricks for Yume 2kki

Yume 2kki is a game that can be very confusing and overwhelming at first, especially if you are not familiar with the original Yume Nikki or other similar games. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you enjoy the game more:

  • Use the map function. By pressing X on your keyboard, you can access a map that shows you where you are in the current world and where you can go next. The map also shows you which doors lead to other worlds, which can be very helpful for finding new areas to explore.

  • Use the bicycle Effect. One of the first Effects you can find in the game is the bicycle Effect, which turns Urotsuki into a cyclist. This Effect allows you to move faster and cover more ground in less time. It also makes it easier to escape from enemies or chase after NPCs. You can find this Effect in the Neon World, which is accessible from the door on the top left of the starting room.

  • Use the knife Effect. Another useful Effect is the knife Effect, which turns Urotsuki into a killer. This Effect allows you to kill most NPCs and enemies in the game by pressing Z. This can be useful for clearing your way or getting rid of annoying creatures. However, be careful not to kill NPCs that might be important for unlocking new areas or events. You can find this Effect in the Dark Forest World, which is accessible from the door on the bottom right of the starting room.

  • Use the stoplight Effect. One of the most interesting Effects in the game is the stoplight Effect, which turns Urotsuki into a traffic light. This Effect allows you to change the color of your light by pressing Z, which affects how NPCs and enemies react to you. For example, if you turn your light green, most NPCs will ignore you or run away from you. If you turn your light red, most NPCs will stop moving or attack you. If you turn your light yellow, most NPCs will follow you or run towards you. You can use this Effect to manipulate NPCs and enemies for your own benefit or amusement. You can find this Effect in the Highway World, which is accessible from the door on the bottom left of the starting room.

  • Use the wiki. If you are stuck or lost in the game, or if you want to know more about the game's lore and secrets, you can use the . This is a fan-made website that contains a lot of information and guides about Yume 2kki, such as the locations of all the Effects, the meanings of some of the symbols and events, and the theories and interpretations of some of the worlds and characters. However, be warned that the wiki might contain spoilers or inaccurate information, so use it at your own risk.

Review of Yume 2kki

Yume 2kki is a game that is not for everyone. It is a game that requires a lot of patience, curiosity, and imagination. It is a game that does not tell you what to do or what to think. It is a game that leaves a lot of room for interpretation and speculation. It is a game that can be both beautiful and horrifying, both relaxing and stressful, both fun and frustrating.

However, for those who appreciate this kind of game, Yume 2kki is a masterpiece. It is a game that offers


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