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Brooks Davis
Brooks Davis

Как выбрать книгу для изучения английского с нуля: советы и рекомендации

Recounts the life and adventures of Robin Hood, who, with his band of followers, lived in Sherwood Forest as an outlaw dedicated to fighting tyranny. Illustrated notes throughout the text explain the historical background of the story.

London is the biggest city in Britain and in Europe. In 1900, it was the biggest city in the world. In this book you will find a lot of interesting information about London. You will read about its history. You will learn about its famous people, museums and palaces of this exciting city.

скачать книгу английский для начинающих


British English Pete and Carla are students. One day they look at some very old coins and stamps in a shop. Pete wants to buy some stamps, but they are very expensive. Later that day some coins are missing from the shop and the shopkeeper wants to find Pete.

Выучить английский самостоятельно можно! Даже если вы в нем пока совсем начинающий или даже полный ноль!

Yesterday I visited my Granny in the countryside. We go there every weekend and I enjoy these trips. But not this time. It was raining cats and dogs, our car broke several times and we all were very tired. But when we saw the Granny, I forgot about the difficulties.


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